Die attach, also known as die bonding, is the process of attaching the semiconductor die to the package, substrate, or another die. In the package assembly process, die attach is a critical step.

There are many die bonding techniques and methods that can be applied depending on the specification of materials and the defined application. This infographic summarizes 5 die attach methods: epoxy, eutectic, soft solder, flip chip and alternative exotic materials.

A more detailed description of the flip chip assembly process flow can be found here. Microtek can place bumped devices within ±0.5μm placement accuracy, providing support from R&D, pilot to medium size production.

Microtek offers a proven blend of expertise in advanced microelectronics solutions at the R&D and prototype stage. We work at the bare chip level while integrating microelectronics, bioscience or therapeutics to provide highly miniaturized applications. By working in close collaboration with our clients, novel and individual solutions are naturally attained. Our multidisciplinary and experienced team are able to work with applications from space-saving power devices to implantable medical devices. 

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Die Attach Methods Infographic