Tri Q. Le

  • President/CEO
  • Tri has extensive experience and expertise in the varied disciplines of business development, executive business management, strategic planning, and overall leadership in businesses from developmental to large enterprises. He brings over 20 years of experience in science and technology development, system engineering and product design for the electronics industry.
  • Prior to Microtek, Tri was involved in all aspects of NxGEN Electronics’ operations and product development activities, being promoted as President in August, 2011. For over 10 years at NxGEN, Tri managed Engineering and Operations teams and played an instrumental role in building the company as a leader in providing engineering and manufacturing microelectronic solutions. Tri promoted a customer focused strategy, leading the company to engage in collaborative affiliations with customers to create cutting–edge products and to commercialize the companies’ proprietary technology. Before joining NxGEN, he served as an Optoelectronic Packaging Engineer at Peregrine Semiconductor, a startup company specializing in RF CMOS solutions. At Peregrine Semiconductor, he helped startup the Photonics department while developing a fiber optic 10Gbps Quad transceiver integrating the silicon on sapphire technology. Before Peregrine, Tri held technical positions at TRW (now Northrop Grumman), where he focused on the development of microelectronic modules operating at frequencies 18 to 94 GHz and populated with GaAs and InP mmics, multilayer substrates, and printed probe designs.
  • Tri holds an engineering degree from Harvey Mudd College and an Executive MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management specializing in Entrepreneurship.

MyPhuong Le, Ph.D.

  • Vice President of Research and Development
  • Extensive expertise and experience in molecular biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical/nutraceutical development and scientific research in the areas of pharmacogenomics, obesity and metabolic syndrome, and liver/kidney disease.
  • Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology and history from Whitman College and a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Held positions in both the biotech industry and academia.
  • Direct hands-on experience with the Human Genome Project at the University of Washington and then led production and instrumentation operations at Blue Heron Biotechnology, Inc.
  • Completed graduate studies at the University of Florida, and completed postdoctoral studies, including a fellowship in technology commercialization, at the University of Colorado.
  • MyPhuong is currently a faculty member in the Division of Renal Diseases and Hypertension, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus. She will lead Microtek‘s scientific research and development initiatives. Her affiliation with the university will allow leveraging of resources and expertise for product development, validation, and establishing intellectual property.


Leah Villegas, Ph.D.

  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Extensive expertise and experience in pharmaceutical biotechnology development, as well as scientific research in the areas of cancer, lung biology, and cardiovascular pulmonary biology.

  • Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences.

  • Held positions in academia focusing on building her expertise in cardiovascular pulmonary research and therapeutic development.

  • Completed graduate studies at the University of Florida, followed by postdoctoral studies at Mayo Clinic and University of Colorado. She also completed a fellowship in technology commercialization and will complete the Bioinnovation and Entrepreneurship program at the University of Colorado.

  • Leah is currently a faculty member in the Departments of Pediatrics and Cardiovascular Pulmonary Research, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus. She will oversee and conduct Microtek‘s scientific research and development operations. Her affiliations with the university will provide unique resources and additional expert assistance specifically for medical device and therapeutic research and development.

 Gary Skartvedt

  • Holds a Bachelor of Science degree with Distinction from Stanford University in Thermodynamics, Heat transfer and Fluid Dynamics.
  • Gary started his career as an Engineer at Glenn L Martin Co (later Martin Marietta Corp, now Lockheed Martin) in their Denver Aerospace Division. He later served as Department Manager at Propulsion Engineering Department where he was responsible for the design and testing of Titan I and II ICBM propellant and pressurization systems. He also served as Project Manager for the design, development and deployment of the Nation’s first hydrazine monopropellant small rockets to provide attitude control and orbit adjustments for spacecraft.
  • Received the Martin Marietta Corporate Engineer of the Year award in 1971 for the management and successful outcome of this program. 1972 – Director of Advanced Navy Systems.
  • Managed several R&D projects for various NASA and Air Force labs as well as a feasibility study and test program to determine if high energy chemical lasers could be an effective weapon to defend Navy ships from low level cruise missiles.
  • Served as Chief Engineer of the American Heliothermal Corporation which had an international license to distribute efficient flat plate solar collectors for heating water.
  • Gary also successfully bid and managed a project for the Hong Kong Housing Authority.
  • Co-founded Automated Scanning Inc. in Denver. Using both large and small format scanners, documents were digitized and delivered to clients in various formats, usually on CD’s. Projects included Structural Maintenance Manuals for the C-130 aircraft.

Paul Willsey

  • Paul has held senior executive positions in commercial banks and credit unions.  His fundamentals were developed with over 20 years of commercial lending experience and leadership roles at Citibank and HSBC North America. He transferred this experience to community banking and credit unions.
  • Paul moved to Southern California three years ago to assume a leadership role in a large SoCal Credit Union.  The credit union more than doubled its commercial lending portfolio during his leadership to exceed $500 million.  He instituted an SBA program and became the third largest SBA producing credit union nationally with over $30 million production in the program’s second year.
  • Prior to this role Paul did the same thing for a medium sized credit union in North Carolina where he moved from Rochester New York to assume the leadership role.  His experiences before that were with Citibank and HSBC North America in upstate New York leading corporate lending and, by definition of those organizations, middle market lending businesses.
  • In 2000 Paul left the financial services industry and founded The Willsey Company, Inc. in Rochester New York, a management consulting company.  During the tenure of this enterprise he worked with over 30 companies ranging from $3 million in sales to $350 million.  He has extensive experience in turnaround management, business valuation and shareholder representation.
  • Paul has strong technical expertise in management and lending including C&I, CRE, SBA, Asset Based, Construction and Small Business, (he has led or been a part of all of those programs throughout his career).