Manufacturing Day

Microtek welcomed Councilman Mark Kersey of San Diego’s Fifth District prior to participating in the companies’ first Manufacturing Day event on October 7th.

Every Manufacturing Day, Councilman Kersey visits District Five manufacturing facilities who participate in such an important event for the industry. More information can be found in the Fifth District’s October Newsletter.


National Manufacturing Day celebrates modern manufacturing and seeks to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Thousands of manufacturers across the nation participate by hosting open houses, public tours, career workshops and other events. Colleges also host similar events to showcase courses that can lead to well-paid careers in the manufacturing industry. Microtek will be providing information on future career opportunities that will be available as the company grows.

There are more than 3,000 manufacturers across the San Diego mega-region making it a hub for manufacturing. Manufacturing Day enables San Diegans to visit local manufacturers and find out first-hand about the products and innovations that are being created in the region.

Located in Rancho Bernardo, Microtek is an engineering and R&D startup founded in 2015 that is creating products to improve human health. The company is structured to provide a blend of microelectronics solutions for clients at the R&D and prototype stage and support through to full scale production. Microtek works at the bare chip level while integrating microelectronics, bioscience or therapeutics to develop highly miniaturized applications for a variety of industries including medical, defense, wireless, photonics and life sciences. Visitors can learn about new technologies the company is working on and see their brand new state-of-the-art cleanroom where prototypes are built.

Manufacturing Day events are meant for anyone who is curious about modern manufacturing and would like to learn more. Further information about Manufacturing Day can be found at