Key Manufacturing and Automation Equipment

Microtek’s high accuracy, state-of-the-art microelectronics packaging equipment enables clients to shorten the product development cycle, reduce costs and increase yield. Microtek offers advanced microelectronics packaging solutions for clients in a variety of industries including medical, photonics, wireless, defense and life sciences.

Finetech FINEPLACER® lambda: Die Attach, Die Sorting, Flip-Chip bonding, LED bonding, MEMS, MOEMS, XCSEL, Photonics, Ultrasonic, Thermosonic, RFID, Sensor Assembly, Adhesive Bonding, Eutectic Bonding, Pick and Place, 3D packaging, chip on glass, chip on flex, etc.

TPT HB16 Wedge Bonder: Wedge Wire Bonding, Ball Wire Bonding, Ribbon Bonding, Pick and Place.

K&S 8028 PPS Wire Bonder: Ball Wire Bonding

XYZTEC Condor Sigma: Ball Shear, Die Shear, Wedge and Ribbon Shear, Probe, Wire Pull, Stud Pull, Loop Height, etc.

Plasma Etch PE100: Plasma Cleaning, Plasma Etching.

Fineplacer Lambda Die Bonder
 Finetech FINEPLACER® lambda

Sub-Micron Die Bonder

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Wedge Bonder

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K & S Wirebonder K&S 8028PPS

Wire Bonder

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Condor Sigmas Wire Pull Die ShearXYZTEC Condor Sigma

Wire Pull and Die Shear

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Plasma Tech PE100

 Plasma Etch PE100

Plasma Cleaning

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