At Microtek and our alliance partners, we pride ourselves on creating a world-class manufacturing operation that is customized to each of our clients’ unique needs. From process design and production layout to a supply chain management that delivers materials at competitive costs, we create a complete manufacturing solution for our clients: on time and defect-free.

Our work force consists of trained assembly workers and highly skilled technicians, each trained to read and interpret complex engineering drawings and assembly instructions. Either at our manufacturing facility in San Diego or at one of our domestic or offshore partner facilities, we implement manufacturing processes fine-tuned to meet our client’s specific product assembly and test requirements. This allows us to service markets worldwide with timely, cost effective production while minimizing inventories and transit costs.

Wire Bonding

Wire Bonding

  • Ultra fine pitch wire bonding
  • Au, Al and Cu wire bonding
  • Ball and Wedge wire bonding
  • Deep access wire bonding
  • Gold Ribbon bonding
Die Attach

Die Attach

  • Automatic die attach ±0.5μm placement accuracy
  • Automatic Eutectic die attach
  • Epoxy, solder, eutectic and exotic material die attach
  • Underfill and Globtop
Flip Chip

Flip Chip and Bumping

  • Wafer bumping up to 8″
  • Singulated die bumping
  • Thermosonic die attach
  • Thermocompression die attach

Surface Mount Components (SMT)

  • Solder and screen stations
  • IR convection reflow
  • Wave solder reflow
  • Automatic adhesive & solder paste dispense
  • Fine pitch BGA attach
  • Fine pitch solderball placement


  • Access to domestic and international manufacturing
  • High mix, low volume and high volume manufacturing capabilities
  • Batch or continuous manufacturing capabilities
  • Manufacturing process validation
  • Materials management and handling
  • Vendor audits and certification
  • Experienced technicians and assembly staff


  • Wirebonder – Automatic
  • Wedge bonder
  • Flipchip bonder
  • Pick & Place machine
  • Wafer Stud Bumping
  • Wire pull Die shear machine
  • Plasma Cleaning